Libirite Capsule

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Note : We do not advocate self-medication under any circumstances. These products are being sold on the premise that the buyer has been advised their use by a physician.

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•  Mild to moderate cases of erectile dysfunction
•  Loss of Libido

Gokshura Extract , Ashvagandha Extract, Shvet Musali Extract, Kapikacchu Extract, Nagavalli Extract, Jatiphala Extract, Lavang Extract, Kesara Powder.

 1 - 2 Capsules twice daily, orally after meals with a cup of milk or as directed by the physician.

Libirite capsule is contraindicated in males below 21 years of age and also in females. It is not recommended for use in person allergic to any ingredient of Libirite Capsule. Patients with underlying cardiac problems should take Libirite capsule under medical supervision.

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