ancient ayurvedic medicine

In a world where technology is updated at the speed of light and gadgets become virtually obsolete in a matter of days, Ayurveda has the unique distinction of remaining unchanged over almost 6000 years. This art and science of healing has stood the test of time and endured over millennia; still as effective and usable in its original form. It has stood patiently by, as the world consumed newer generations of antibiotics and painkillers; each one stronger and with more side effects than its predecessor. Those medicines are now slowly failing to do their job and as more and more cases of antibiotic resistant strains of microorganisms rear their ugly heads, we are reverting back to nature for help. We have now come full circle.

Ayurveda is the ancient science of medicine and healing. Named for its purpose, with  ayur - life and vedas' - knowledge, describing its essence; it offers rich and holistic solutions for a healthy life. Its origins go back to a time when the  spiritual rishis organized 114 Sanskrit hymns or formulations into the treatise we know as the Vedas, specifically the  “Atharvaveda