Our Mentor - Mr. Amar Lulla

We are privileged to have had as our mentor and guide, friend and father, Mr. Amar Lulla.

Even today, he is considered an institution in the Indian Pharma space with a sphere of influence that spanned manufacturing, technical services, finance and administration. He made a personal impact in both his professional and social life and his enduring achievements serve as case studies for anyone trying to make a mark in the industry.

A brilliant mind combined with a rapier sharp instinct and a winning personality, Mr. Lulla was able to establish long, close and very fruitful associations with various industry forces across the globe.

His premature demise left many bereft and the grief of his loss resonated in people all over the world, where his work has made a difference. We were fortunate to have been able to absorb at least a little from his vast knowledge pool and have been moulded into the individuals we are today through our close association.

We are committed to abiding by his philosophies of transparent business practices, quick response time, his giving back to society and his ensuring that every individual’s growth keeps pace with that of the organization.

Despite the fact that he is no longer physically present, we feel enveloped in his warmth; feel guided by his wisdom; infected by his enthusiasm for work and his deep belief in using his skills to make a better world.

And at the heart of everything we do, is our commitment to carrying on his work.



CEO's Message

Sanjeevan Kanjilal

We, at Ari Healthcare have entered a new and very exciting phase in our journey - one of taking Ari Healthcare and Ayurveda, global. We have always held this ancient Indian way of life in high regard. We want to share its treasures with the world. To this end, we have formulated our products after intense research in our R&D Laboratory. We are proud to say that our state-of-the-art lab is unique in the field of herbal medicine.

We have set ambitious goals for ourselves - to make Amarantha a well-known brand in most countries in at least 3 continents in the next 5 years. We are fortunate to have young, dynamic professionals partnering with us to achieve this.

We have always believed in quality - be it in our work, our service or our products. Each one embodies our underlying ethos - no task is too small and that God is in the details. We realize that in today’s scenario, when people are being bombarded with information and products, we need to stand out. It is through our belief in the quality and efficacy of our product that we stand confident and poised to take on the world.

Our mentor, the late Mr. Amar Lulla often said, "I believe very strongly that to be successful and to grow, one has to ensure that every stakeholder also grows and succeeds in his/her individual journey." Nothing is achieved without able and willing partners, who are like minded in their approach to the business. It is important to us to have a personal equation and a mutually beneficial working relationship with each customer and vendor.

We would also like to give back to society, as much and as often as we can through our CSR initiatives.

Above all, we strive to achieve the dream of our mentor, the late Mr. Amar Lulla, of making the world a better place through our deeds.


Sanjeevan Kanjilal